Full Service Mobile Equine Veterinary

Specializing in Performance Horses

Double X Equine

We’re a full-service, ambulatory equine clinic. We are dedicated and passionate about our work. From lameness to preventative medicine, foaling to senior care, equine dentistry to emergency care, pre-purchase exams, consultations on complex lameness and medical issues of the equine athlete. We understand the demands placed on our equine athletes and are here to help you prepare your performance horses for competition, and manage their health care at horse shows. ... WE ARE HERE TO SERVE YOU!

Excellent Quality, Comprehensive Equine Medical Care and Performance Horse Maintenance by Don Lee D.V.M. and staff.

We are a mobile practice dedicated to providing excellent customer service meeting our clients’ needs at your farm/ranch. We also set up at numerous events throughout the year. Check out our schedule for upcoming events and annual events.

Our full service mobile equine veterinary care is based out of Sunset Texas. We serve North Texas (Decatur, Denton, Krum, Boyd, Bowie, Gainesville and surrounding communities.

Double X Equine specializes in performance horses serving the needs of all life stages of the equine athlete.

Our Clients / XX Passion

We are blessed with amazing clients and appreciate your business. If we have not had the pleasure of meeting you yet, please don't hesitate to introduce yourself at an event or give us a call and let us know how we can help you! We are confident you will see that passion that XX has for serving you and your equine athlete.